Welcome to the Girl on the Go Travel Academy! This is an online learning space for
those interested in learning how to market themselves or their businesses in the travel industry
using a mix of traditional and digital strategies.

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Graphic Design for the Non-Designer

Are you a business owner and want to save money on expensive graphic designers (like me)?
This course is for anyone who wants to learn enough about graphic design to edit Canva templates,
create marketing materials for your business, social media graphics, event, wedding, party, or whatever you have in mind.

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Here's a hint of what you'll get:

  • Training on how to edit Canva templates using the free and paid versions.
  • What makes a good design? 
  • How many different fonts in one design is acceptable.
  • Using the correct images for your design.
  • Preparing your file for print at a professional print shop.
  • Use of colours (or colors for my American friends, lol) 
  • Creating a brand kit for your business or a personal option
  • How to choose photos, edit, and crop to suit your needs.
  • Repurposing designs for multiple uses.
  • And many more topics with some bonuses added! 

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I'm Sherri

Hi there! I'm glad you stopped by! I bet you're asking who I am and why I'm qualified to teach graphic design. I am a formally trained graphic designer and have been creating every kind of print and digital designs you can think of, for over 30 years. I also have a Master of Arts degree in Social Media, and understand the strategies and needs to capture your audience's attention on those busy platforms.

I also create editable templates that you can use for your business and life events. Pop over to my Etsy shop — each design comes with instructions on how to edit the templates.

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